30 days has September

In 2008 I was working from an office in High Street in central Christchurch, most days I'd have a camera handy.

There was a buzz about the place, a new tram-way was being laid, a record breaking multi-story building was up, cafés and bars were always full. And it was about to turn from Winter to Spring.

So I decided to keep an eye on things a little more than usual and take lots of pictures, select the best from each day and see what happened for a month!

It turned out that Christchurch’s Biennial public spaces art event SCAPE was also about to kick-off, which made things more exciting and easier to find an unusual picture each day.

In October I had five little rotating booklets printed, packaged them each in a hand-made envelope and gave them away at Christmas to people I'd worked for during the year.

What happened here two years after on the 4th seems to make this little project more interesting and valuable as a time to look back on.