Miriam Burrell - Life Coach

It's good to work for someone who makes you think that they want to do something good and really well.

In transition from employed to self employed, Miriam had a solid idea of what she was getting into. She’d done the training, done the homework, she had a handful of company names and had started to get a good idea of her target client audience.

The other good thing was that Miriam realised that she needed some help to get her new business from notes and ideas to a professionally presented service.

We started off by developing a logo and strap-line while focussing on how best to separate the types of coaching Life Hurdling would offer.

Once Miriam was armed with a stack of business cards, printed folders and informative inserts, we developed a website that now uses 'the really little content management system' Perch, that Miriam can maintain herself.

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